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The Issues


Hanover County is one of the greatest places to live - but right now our county faces many challenges to maintain that excellence, including how we are managing our development and growth within the county. While we want to see our county grow, jobs get created, and families prosper, I know we must do it responsibly. We need to make sure that our zoning process is transparent, fair and respects the needs of the citizens of the Beaverdam district, as well as the rights of the land owners.  We need to be thoughtful and aware of all of the impacts of any new developments, including wear and tear on roads and impacts on homes or farmlands. We need to ensure that any developments coming into the county do not impede our current way of life we know and love.

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I will always fight to make sure parents have the right to make the best decisions for their kids and have a say in their children's education. I'll make sure Hanover's children are always getting the best education possible and being given equal opportunities, not forcing children into equal outcomes. I will also work to ensure a safe environment for ALL of Hanover’s students.  Hanover schools are no place for political agendas.

Public Safety

Our law enforcement and first responders put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe. I'll always support them. We should be talking about increasing funding and giving them the resources they need. Instead they are having to fight to keep every last penny in their budget and face constant criticism. Every Hanoverian deserves to feel safe in their homes and community, and that starts with supporting our law enforcement.


Small businesses are crucial to our economy and help create a vibrant community.  Small businesses provide valuable services and add to the quality of life in Hanover.  I will be an advocate for small business.  I want to make sure that the planning process is fair and easy to navigate for the small business owner.

I am a man of faith and conservative principles. I'll always fight for our shared values. From cutting wasteful spending and restoring fiscal responsibility to protecting our way of life and ensuring the values that we as Hanoverians cherish are protected, I promise to always be your conservative voice in Hanover.

Conservative Values
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